Nathan Neuman


Born in London, U.K. in 1991, Nathan Neuman started teaching himself classical guitar at the age of 7. Music was always his passion, constantly playing and listening to music, you would never see him without a guitar or music manuscript. Nathan was intrigued by music from many cultures and was regularly listening to a vast array of musical genres which inspired him to learn and have the capability to write in a numerous amount of styles. Other than his strong dedication to composing and performing Nathan also writes lyrics and poems.

At the age of 16, Nathan started attending the prestigious Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance (I.C.M.P) in London where he became one of the youngest students to complete the higher diploma. During this time Nathan had met and studied with many influential and successful musicians such as Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Carl Verheyen, Pat Martino and many others.
Nathan also started an apprentice scheme teaching composition at a music base for youth along with private guitar lessons, additionally he was doing session and recording work for upcoming bands and individuals.
He  learnt to play the bass, ukelele, banjo and piano to broaden his creativity and was also songwriting and performing as a solo acoustic guitarist and in Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk and Fusion bands during this time.
After The I.C.M.P he joined a jazz klezmer group which is still going on and performing regularly at certain events. Keen to further his musical creativity Nathan began a music for film course led by Music Producer Eric Lau and advanced to study sonic sound and production.
These choices have all led him to the conclusion to pursue a career in songwriting and composing music for the media and shaped a path for him to study a BA Hons Degree in Music Production for Media at Ravensbourne University.
His deep-rooted passion in expanding his musical accomplishments always keep him looking for new ways to be creative and set himself new goals whilst also looking for collaborative projects, with this mindset he is entrenched in creating music.

Adam Benobaid 

Adam Benobaid started his music career at 13. He started playing Flute and Guitar, later turning to piano to help spark the ambition to become a composer.Although the country he resided in at the time (Kuwait) had serious restrictions on music and the expression of music, Adam lead a very musically orientated life, participating in concerts around the Gulf states of the Middle East.

Adam left kuwait to pursue his dream in London at Ravensbourne University to study A BA in Music Production for Media.

Adam recorded, mixed and produced  his highly regarded metal band, were he was the songwriter and performed as lead vocalist and guitarist. However in media composition his first real break began when he met Children’s Author Suzanne Jankowski. She had heard about Adam by word-of-mouth in Kuwait and contacted him to write music for the audio book she was creating to coincide with the book she was releasing. Soon after, Ms. Jankowski commissioned  Adam to keep on writing for her as she had just been commissioned to write 14 more books for The Dinosaur Company linked to The National History Museum in London.

Benjamin Fingerhut 

Benjamin Fingerhut was born and currently lives in London. He has played the piano for as long as he can remember and started writing music from a young age.

At the age of eight Benjamin started having piano lessons, which enabled him to advance quickly through the grades and to diploma level. Having always had a passion for writing music and playing by ear, Benjamin successfully applied to the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama to study composition with piano. Now 21, he is approaching the end of the BMus in Classical Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

As a composer he has written several acclaimed classical and jazz works as well as soundtracks for numerous animations. He has had experience performing, in some cases his own compositions, in several major venues including the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, the King’s Place and others.
Benjamin is also singing as a member of the renowned London Philharmonic Choir. He Also Plays the saxophone and regularly performs in weddings and events in jazz groups or as a solo pianist.

He brings his cultivated sense of harmony, melody and classical knowledge to the team at BenobaidNeuman Productions.


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