Here are some testimonials we have received throughout our progress.

TrailerScores, Trailer and OST: “Somewhat unusual… I like that!”

The DryFeilds, Aiman Rashad: “Thanks a lot, The score you made for our film The Dry Fields really suited the film, I look forward to work with you again in the future.”

A Human Vice, Steven Chamberlain: “Thanks for sending the score. It’s absolutely brilliant, well done. I’m really loving it, thanks for all the hard work you put in. Thanks again guys, you’ve done such a good job.”

Film Maker, Martin Dixon: “Wow, You guys are amazing! You have made such amazing tracks. Great Stuff!”

Icopter 2, Matthew Hertz: “I just couldn’t think of the type of music that would fit together with a helicopter based game and you knew exactly what to do, I’m really amazed at how fast you work, very good job!”

YARN!, Abs Hans: “You guys are great! You set the mood nicely and knew exactly what I wanted. Very well done!”

The Magical Trail, Danit Kilbansky: “I really like the music you composed for my final project. Thank you BenobaidNeuman Productions.”

Benny and Jack’s Flying Machine, Krysten Resnick: “Everyone LOVES the score! I’ve had so many people comment on it, Well done to you. You Guys Rock!”

Waiting For Santa, Joey Oikarinen: “Hey, really good work guys, the track really suits the film, I really like it!”

MishMash, Rory O’Connor: “Thats really, really good guys. Awesome work, really professional sounding.”

The Music Show, George Ray: ‘Well done, Sounds Excellent. Thanks for creating this.” 

Mike Scott Animation, Mike Scott: Hi, Thanks for these great sounds and music. I like what you’ve done, its Awesome!.”

Sphere, The Night World, Magical Girl Gretel, Natan Rifkin: “Very reliable, adaptable, smart people to work with.” 

Melody and Lyric Writer, Tony Eisen: “Thank you very much for helping me create this song, I had it stuck in my head for many years.”

Film Maker and Writer, Orani Amroussi: “You have really nice tracks on your website, keep me updated. I definitely want to work with you in the future” 

PPI WINNER, Sadiq Ahadi: “well done, the advert sounds great, its the exact style we wanted.”

Rocky Saves The Day, Panic in the Clinic, Suzanne Jankowski: “Some really lively and original music. It really adds to the story.”

The Rhys Ifans Prject, Amalie Sunnby: “The track you made for me is great, I will not forget you and want to work with you again.”

Em Power Uth, Emma Seel: Its really nice to work with you guys, you know a lot about the industry. You’re lots of fun and very professional too.”


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